1. Punctuality will have to be maintained.
2. Classroom decorum need to be followed.
3. Do not fiddle with the School’s and others’ equipment.
4. To keep mobiles switched off during classes.
5. Pictures taken during the sessions will strictly not be used elsewhere or circulated in any manner whatsoever.
6. In case of outdoor classes students below the age of 18 years shall have to submit duly filled up consent letter signed by parent/guardian. Such consent letter should be submitted at least a day before the class.
7. Teachers/instructors’ advice and instructions should be strictly followed in both indoor and outdoor classes.
8. Students are required to handle their own as well as the School’s equipment with utmost care and caution. The School shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for damage caused by the handling of the students’ own equipment.
9. Such other or further rules as the School may from time to time frame for the convenience of effective running of the courses. The School shall have proprietary rights over all photographs taken and videos recorded during the course and no
student shall use the same in any manner whatsoever and for any purpose whatsoever whether during or after completion of the course. Breach of this restriction shall entail legal action, civil or criminal, as the case maybe, or both against the
offending student to be initiated by the school, including damages.